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CHARTWATCH was founded (bet you didn't know it was losted!) by John Hancock and Neil Rawlings in 1981 to serve a small and eccentric community of people interested in analysing record charts. Record charts serve as a repository of information and nostalgia for people interested in pop music, to such an extent that the Guinness books of UK Hit Singles and Albums have become major sellers in the UK. Compilations of hit records also exist for many other countries, from the US, where Joel Whitburn's books are the equivalent of the Guinness books, to Holland, Germany, Australia and many others.

These kinds of books are all very well in their own sweet ways, but as well as being out of date as soon as (or even before) they're published, they also only answer some of the questions people are likely to ask. If you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and think "hmmm, when was the last time three singles entered the top ten of the singles chart at the same time?" you're not likely to get much help (although you might if you read Alan Jones' weekly chart analyses in Music Week; Hi Alan!)

There are many reasons for wanting to analyse charts, from a deep and wringing desire to know who are the most popular artists of the day to an unhealthy need to see your favourite artist beat the crap out of everyone else (something generally denied to all but fans of the likes of Elvis, The Beatles, Abba, Madonna and Rihanna, of course). Other undesirable motives include the desire to make money and/or to see your name in print. We do our best to cater for most of these needs, except for the money-making side of things, which we can't help with.

This page acts as a gateway into the weird realm of chart analysis, including selected chart analyses from back issues of Chartwatch itself and pointers to other members of this particular lunatic fringe. Read on.....


We are trying to get hold of copies of UK Top 200 Charts, especially from 1991-1994. If you have these, please email us.


Starting with issue 100 we are now distributing PDFs of Chartwatch as downloads. Over time we will add PDFs of back issues of Chartwatch as we run out of print copies. Go to our download page to see what is available.

Newest addition: we have just added a scan of our 1993 Booklet. Price 1.30


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